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SIDIROBETON -DIMITRIS  KARAMPINAS   and CO company has taken up and successfully accomplished, a wide range of  public and private construction projects.

- Telecommunications of NATO in the region. Building and other telecommunication facilities  (Boulgari Katara, Antinitsa Lamia, military airport of Larissa (Λ-232), military airport of Nea Agxialos (Β-191 Α), munitions facilities at Nea Agxialos (Β-189) (Total amount of 1.900 tn)

- ORGANISATION of workers duellings (OEK). Workers duellings (in Farsala, Sofades, Almiros, Trikala) (Total amount of 3.700 tn)

- ORGANISATION OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS (OSK). Six (6) high schools the Prefecture of Karditsa. Three (3) high schools-lyceums in the Prefecture of Trikala. 3 high schools-lyceums in the Prefecture of Fthiothida (Total amount of 2.750 tn)

- PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION (DEI). Control and operation Building of production station of Aoos river, offices and installations facilities in  Lamia, offices and installations facilities  in Karditsa, Construction of  Smokovo dam, construction of tunnel in Leontario. (Total amount of 3.550 tn)

- HELLENIC RAILROADS (OSE). Bridge of Neo Monastirio, Bridge of Enipeas, Tunnel of Enipeas (Total amount of 1.050 tn)

- HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS (OTE). Building of the Karditsa region, Building of the island of Amorgos. (Total amount of 600 tn)

- MUNICIPAL PROJECTS. Refineries tanks of the water supply of Karditsa prefecture,  Centre of multiple uses (youth center) in  Palama, Athletic installations in Pyrgetos  in the prefecture of Trikala (Total amount of 400 tn)

- Tunnel and damn of KERASIOTI (Total amount of 1.500 tn)

- Egnatia Highway bridge of BOTONOSI (Total amount of 3.000 tn)

- Egnatia Highway bridge of ARAHTHOS (Total amount of 2.500 tn)

Projects in progress:

- Igoymenitsa-Agioi Saranta highway bridge (Total amount of 2.500 tn)
- Tepeleni-Avlon hghway bridge (Total amount of 6.000 tn)

Ε – 65
- Bridges, as subcontractors of Dragados (Parts of National Road Lamia and Trikala-Kalampaka)
- Bridges, as subcontractors of Ferrovial (crossway of National Road Athens-Salonica and Highway E65)

- Bridges, as subcontractors of Ferrovial (Parts  of  Ioannina-Arta of Ionios)

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