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SIDIROBETON-DIMITRIS KARAMPINAS and Co. is a pioneer company in developing solutions concerning new antiseismic technologies. The main concern is the effective protection of buildings from the earthquakes.

Greece has centuries-long experience of intense seismic activity. Each building in the duration of its life will suffer at least one big earthquake. The engineer designs every construction taking into account this most unfavourable case. The long-lasting experience of civil engineers working as designers in our country, has resulted to high quality designs. Also, the steel industry produces high quality reinforcing steel bars. The bars are produced according to the latest anti-seismic specifications. However, there is always a strong uncertainty related to the quality of fabrication and application of reinforcing steel, particularly with regard to the construction of stirrups. It is known that columns failure constitutes the main cause of serious damage and/or collapse of buildings during an earthquake. Anti- seismic behavior of columns and beams depends mainly on the behavior of stirrups. Transverse reinforcement, first, ensures the confinement of longitudinal reinforcing bars, which surrounds and protects against buckling and second, confines concrete, that tends to break due to lateral expansion.

ARMASTAHL: Continuous multi-shaped stirrups in each layer
Multi-shaped continuous stirrup ARMASTAHL, is an innovative product that ensures full compliance with earthquake protection regulations, making it thus possible to erect buildings which offer the highest level of safety in the case of an earthquake. At the same time it is a cost-effective, easily- installed product which eliminates any human negligence or error risks. ARMASTAHL stirrup at every level of a column is constructed from one single wire; this kind of construction limits the number of hooks in hardly two in each level , at the beginning and at the end of stirrup, minimizing thus the weak points and the probability of loosing of the stirrups and buckling of vertical rebars, in case of a strong earthquake. ARMASTAHL stirrups are produced by automatic robotics machines, that ensure dimension and bending precision regarding the required pin bend diameters.

After the production of ARMASTAHL stirrups, the last are assembled in a cage by a special assempling welding machine (MAG).

All the welding procedures and welders are certified by EBETAM according to Reinforcing steel code (KTH 2008) and Standards EN ISO 17660-1 and EN ISO 17660-2 (CERTIFICATE1, CERTIFICATE2).

Then the cage is ready to be placed in the forming wooden block and the vertical bars are inserted in this. The multi-shaped continuous stirrup ARMASTAHL, is produced easily in any pattern, that has been designed by the static study. In this way, the restrictions of classic meshes of pillars (‘’mandyes’’), where is often required the adaptation of static study in the existing types and dimensions, are eliminated.

  • The multi-shaped continuous stirrup ARMASTAHL is produced through de-coiling steel reinforcement bars in coils of diameter from 8 up to 16mm.
  • Technical grade of rebars is B500C, according to ELOT 1421-3.
  • Stirrups of dimensions up to 2,20m x 2,20m can be produced.


The column or beam cages of ARMASTAHL, constitute an innovative solution in the fabrication of stirrups, that meets all anti-seismic requirements.
This solution offers:
  • Absolute precision for any shape of stirrups fabrication
  • Certainty of bending in the right diameter
  • Increased confinement and plasticity in columns
  • Better anchoring
  • Easy placement/installation by crane and/or manually
  • Possibility of alternate spacing of stirrups in the column fabrication using welding assembling machine
  • Material Savings, due to minimization of hooks and alternate spacing of stirrups

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