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The company's equipment includes a wide range of machinery and transportation means, in excellent condition. The equipment is continuously enriched in order to meet the constantly increasing demands of modern production methods.

Mechanical Infrastructure

Electronic machines for cutting to length
Automatic electronic machine for cutting steel reinforcement bars, up to 32 mm. The cutting procedure is under computer control, to reach absolute accuracy.

Portable reinforcing bars cutters
Machinery specialized for cutting steel reinforcement bars. It is easily transported at the construction sites and has various features cutting diameters.
Cutting and bending machines for the production of stirrups
These are electronic straightening, bending and cutting machines, used to cut steel wire of different diameters (8 to 14 mm) unfolding from coils. This type of machines can be used for bending bars towards two directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), with great accuracy and speed. Also it has anti-torsion system, to ensure the absolute flatness of the stirrup and to avoid the distortion.
Cutting and bending machines for bending and cutting to length rebars
Machinery for bending of steel reinforcing bars, up to 40 mm. There is automatic arrangement for the bending in required pin bend diameters, depending on the diameter of the rebar. A wide variety of geometric -closed or open type shapes can be produced. Machinery is accompanied by specific mechanisms for the rapid transfer of straight reinforcing bars.
Bending machines to form cages from electro-welded meshes
Machinery for bending electrowelded meshes to form columns and/or beams cages, covering a wide range according to the requirements of each project. There is automatic arrangement for the bending in required pin bend diameters, depending on the diameter of the stirrup/wire of the mesh.
Assembling machines to form cages from continuous multi-shaped stirrups
Machinery that provides the ability to form stirrup cages through welding in an automated way (MAG welding method), ensuring quality of welds, certified welding process, robustness of the cage and significant savings in time and cost of production.
Transportation Means
SIDIROMPETON DIMITRIS KARAMPINAS and CO are equipped with a full range of transportation means, that include small vehicles, medium-sized lorries, as well as big lorries, so as to correspond always in the requirements of each construction project that undertakes.

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